Kosovo: Voting on demarcation is adjourned once again

Parliament of Kosovo has once again adjourned the voting of the bill for the ratification of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

The adjournment came once again as a result of the lack of the number of votes needed for the ratification of the agreement, although yesterday, the heads of the governing coalition had declared that 80 votes had been secured.

Meanwhile, the heads of the parliamentary groups decided today to adjourn the voting for tomorrow.

The voting of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro failed as a result of the objection of Self Determination and Serb List MPs.

Self Determination has openly declared that it will never vote this agreement, which, according to this party, causes Kosovo to lose a significant area of its territory.

Meanwhile, Serb List MPs have first requested for the Association of Serb Communes to be established and then vote the demarcation with Montenegro.

In the absence of an agreement and consensus between political parties, Kosovo is risking the visa liberalization regime and other European integration processes.