Saving Macedonia

Erol Rizaov

Two ingenious solutions can save Macedonia from the great troubles and suffering. The first solution is that the government should introduce strict censorship in all media and on all social networks no one should write about the crimes and misdeeds of the previous government. To declare a general amnesty to all previous and future accused criminals and criminal associations between 2006 and 2017. And, the second ingenious invention, which is already in the advanced stage of execution, is building an area of ​​25,000 square kilometers to the largest landfill in the world where all European and domestic rubbish will be burned as medical waste under international supervision. In a relatively short time, respecting the strict ecological laws for the protection of the human environment, the whole poison that poisons both Macedonia and Europe will disappear.

Here’s how this can be done. First, the abuse of the previous government in the era of Gruevism are already banal topics that completely unnecessarily, after more than a decade, and again from time to time, disturb the public and draw attention from the most essential topics such as sexual harassment of celebrities in America and from the pollution when every other day, if there is no wind, makes Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Veles, Kavadarci, Strumica, Bitola, Prilep… and the villages the most polluted cities in the world and the most dangerous for the lives of the citizens. This phenomenon is very interesting from the scientific point of view because there is little industry, and there is great pollution, mostly from human misconduct.

Why should someone now disturb the citizens with stale news that many were stealing and lying, that people were imprisoned and sentenced to prison, that they were deprived, burned, or demolished the property of political opponents, why they spent, ate and drank on the state account with no shame and suspicion, why, for the millionth time, the worn-out stories of “black Monday” from the even more distant 2012, when the parliamentary debate room was merged with the bodies of opposition MPs and the gallery of the Parliament, was cleaned out of novelty from the secret party police commissioned by the then Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski? Why repeat the “bloody Thursday” parliamentary scenes on April 27 last year over and over, when it was seen and said thousands of times. Why would you listen to one hundred million times monstrous telephone conversations of lunatics? Finally, why there should be legal proceedings for all these things that have become so boring that they are already irritating and causing nonsense. Okay, so they were stealing, and stealing, and stealing, so what. They were beating, and beating, and beating, so what. They arrested, and tried, and arrested, then tried again, so what. They’ve been tapping, and tapping for years, so what? And it’s so in a row, as is custom in our country from time immemorial. Do they not steal now, do not lie, do not close, do not listen … and do not do what they want. If strict censorship of all criminal activities and crimes of the previous government restores peace in Macedonia, we will throw away all the exciting topics about the mistakes of the new government and the danger of losing identity, and when it is not enough for us to get the adrenaline pumping, we go directly to the world number one problem that someone in America sexually disturbed someone else 20 or 30 years ago. In order to make it more exciting, I think that it would be in a world trend and that such an investigation should be initiated in our country and be publicly pointed out with name and surname who disturbed us in Macedonia. Well, that would be good drama, pretty good one. The introduction of American puritanism will save Macedonia from thugs and psychopaths, but there is just one small problem. There’s as much violence as you like, sexual, all kinds, even physical like beating someone to death, but there are no witnesses. Who is crazy enough to testify against sexual harassment and abuse 20 years ago in a country where today it cannot be tried and convicted even when there are a million witnesses, where judges and prosecutors are direct witnesses, where the rapists of hundreds of thousands of people are caught red-handed. It’s much more convenient and polite to discuss America and their thugs rather than our domestic beasts. In such a case, the acts of saving Macedonia are more decisive than the construction of a large 25,000-square-mile landfill. In addition to all the household rubbish, the entire waste from Europe would also be housed here. If so far, through the mafia that controls this big business, only hundreds of thousands of tons of waste per year are imported, then, with little effort, that import can increase to more than millions of tons, enough to accommodate the entire landfill as large as Macedonia and provide a better life for all, for every citizen, regardless of their national, religious and party affiliations, since such poison and such pollution has not yet been invented, which will affect only the political opponents and the ones of different nationality and religious beliefs. Daily storage of import and domestic waste and all remaining rubbish and their combustion with the highest environmental standards is a lifeline for Macedonia. In that case, it is unnecessary to publish the news that all have disappeared, or there are several survivors on the mountain peak Solunska glava.