Quo vadis, Domine?

Zvonko Davidovic

The Moon high up in the sky, shyly peering through the polluted air, and the stars cannot be even seen at all. It is the same during the day when we can feel the Sun more than we can actually see it. We do not see very far, just a little further away from our nose and our own interest, we are in general poor-sighted and shortsighted in today’s 21st century. 2018 years since Christ and we are still in the dark, we live in darkness, we think and act shortsightedly, partially and selfishly. Quo vadis, Domine? – St. Peter asked Jesus and got the answer. Where are we going with this, I wonder and I do not have the answer. We have violated the perfection of the nature and magic of our mother planet Earth, we abuse it selfishly and intently, leaving deep open wounds to our future and the future of our children. In just a few generations, we succeeded in changing the climate of the globe mercilessly by grabbing, damaging and destroying because of the greed of few, and the stupidity of many. Slowly but surely we devastate the rainforests, we pollute the oceans to uselessness, the lakes are harvested to unrecognizable. We cut down forests and tear down hills only so that we can build castles, buildings as a symbol of their power to the mighty, and our servility. Elephants, tigers, eagles and many other species, symbols to the planet’s nature are nearly extinct, without a cause, without a reason, out of selfishness and stupidity. And when they are extinct we glorify them, we create stories, movies and TV-shows without an ounce of shame or regret. Where are we headed?

In just a few generations, we succeeded in destroying the Aztecs, Mayans, Indians, Aborigines, all who lived in nature and with nature, understood and cooperated with it. We portrayed them as retrograde, preventers, obstacles to development and progress, we attributed our vanity and vast ignorance to exterminate them because of oil, rail, their fields and mountains, and we actually executed them because of diversity, ignorance, and greed. And when they vanished from the face of the Earth, we started creating myths about their cultures, legends of their chiefs, acting understanding and generosity with our hands still stained with blood. Such hypocrisy, such disgrace… My God, where are we going with this?
In less than 100 years we had two world wars and changed the history of humankind, but also changed the people’s moral code. We introduced brutal force as a tool in diplomacy, as a solution to every problem. The great forces, without an ounce of shame, assimilated the smaller nations, imposing democracy and human rights with bombs, tanks, bayonets. Without trials or showing an ounce of humanity, the great ones executed everyone who would point their finger by calling them tyrants that stand in the way of democracy. When it was necessary, they formed international courts just for show, and excluding themselves from its jurisdiction. Such hypocrisy, such disgrace… Where is humanity heading?
In just two and a half decades of statehood we managed to destroy everything that the generations before us built, dreaming of an independent Macedonia. In every way, in all aspects of our societal existence we went backwards, except in theft, hypocrisy and egotism. We have introduced a division of power, but legislative and judicial play is still after the notes and the order of the executive power. We have introduced a democracy where everyone is equal in their rights, but only while those rights are responding to the power managed by the state. Freedom of speech is guaranteed right only and only when it is not against the government, otherwise it is a minor daily political tactic of the opposing party. Freedom of the media is the right to write about everything that does not concern or criticize the government. Everyone is equal before the law only some are more equal than others. All are equal before the law, but some are more equal than others. Detention is a measure that is mandatory for those less equal with double action, disciplinal and educational. Education and employment are guaranteed if you are a member of a political party. All those responsible for the Swarovski judiciary, the framed accusations, the abused AKMIS, the captured state and the ruined institutions are still in their places and they do the same things that they have done so far, and nothing to anyone. And so in every field of social life and human rights and freedoms. And the fact that people lead a difficult life, are not satisfied and point out the problems and shortcomings, it is just a group of spoiled people to whom the opponents instilled misconceptions and lies without foundation. The fact that irresponsible nobody calls for responsibility and what suddenly are all the victims of the regime is just our mentality. In fact, we are undergoing a reform, to reform what we have reformed a few years ago or elections, just like before, time and time after. Where are heading?