Bekteshi: NATO ensures stability, new record of investments is expected in 2019

NATO accession ensures North Macedonia’s stability and security, contributing to the record rise in investments, said Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi.

Economy Minister Bekteshi told local TV station Gura that most of the investors come from the EU, United States and Turkey, while a new record is expected in 2019 – about EUR 1 billion and over 30 investments by big companies.

“GDP growth in the final quarter of 2018 amounted to 3.7 percent, while the unemployment rate dropped to 19.4 percent, which represents a reduction by 3.6 percent in only one year, i.e. creation of 26,600 jobs in the course of last year,” said Bekteshi.

According to him, the GDP growth is based on the rise in the construction sector, final consumption, as well as export of commodities and services.

“Industrial production increased by over 12 percent in January, which shows that North Macedonia has a bright future. We are convinced and expect the GDP growth will exceed 3.5 percent,” said Minister Bekteshi.