Why Independent?

From this week the media world in Macedonia will welcome a new online newspaper and soon, it will also include a new daily newspaper.

By naming it “Independent”, we will attempt to make news more reliable, being a new media with the scope of raising the bar for journalism in our country.

Why do we need “Independent” and why, above all, do we need a printed newspaper while everyone considers printed press as thing of the past now?

Our scope is to move away from “copy-paste” type journalism and bring back those standards that define the very essence of this profession.

We should rely on facts, we should explain the consequences and offer a perspective for every event that takes place. We should analyze, comment, provoke reactions and all of this with the scope of better informing our readers.

Our scope is to be objective, independent, competent, to work with integrity, professionalism and credibility, challenging superficial journalism and fake news.

With your help, as readers, we would like our humble newsroom to be among those who bring changes; changes which lead to a better life for all of us.

Let as act as a positive and democratic example of this new era which can only be made possible by adopting a new approach and releasing new energies.

For this reason, we invite you to our website where you will be able to ready daily news stories in three languages: Macedonian, Albanian and English. This website will also allow you to be informed on regional developments, because behind us stands a whole regional media network. We will soon come out with our free daily newspaper that we hope it will be a regular and much desired source of information.