Во близина на село Крупиште пронајдени 13 мигранти од Авганистан

epa04814995 Migrants, who were captured on an eyot of the Tisza River, next to a police van near Szeged, 170 kms southeast of Budapest, Hungary, 23 June 2015. EU foreign ministers on 22 June launched a military mission in the Mediterranean Sea aimed at cracking down on migrant smuggling networks and dismantling the trade, as part of a broader effort to curb the loss of life. Half of the EU's 28 member states are taking part in the operation, including Belgium, Britain, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. EPA/ZOLTAN GERGELY KELEMEN HUNGARY OUT

Во близина на селото Крупиште во општина Карбинци откриени се 13 мигранти од Авганистан.

МВР денеска соопшти дека мигрантите се забележани во 21:15 часот и оти се работи на расчистување на случајот.