Vain and immature politicians

Erol Rizaov

The latest ultimatums and threats between the coalition partners in power resemble scavengers fighting over the remains from what the lions have left them. If Macedonia is the prey, and the lions are VMRO-DPMNE, then eagles and the hyenas are the egoistic and immature politicians in power that have no idea how much wisdom, democratic capacity and mutual tolerance is necessary to run a country that has been consumed and devoured by a corrupt regime for 11 years. A country that has been entrusted to them by the few hundred thousand citizens who gave them power and let them form a government.

If they still don’t see the historical chance they got, then they really failed. As if they are blinded, they don’t want to see that the lions has died from loneliness, but the cubs are alive and well and staying in the family. And growing up fast. For how many more years do the citizens of Macedonia need to suffer, while their party leaders learn that it’s impossible to have all the power in their hands, and that they need to share that power wisely, without dividing the people from the state. I wonder if they learned the saying that their predecessors failed to learn: If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
“Alliance of Albanians” and its leader Zijadin Sela, even from his visit to the United State, sent messages that, if their demands were not met, the deal is off. Sela made a “Bloody Mary” cocktail of his demands, selecting what he likes and dislikes in the new government as if he’s choosing from a restaurant menu. An international investigation for “Divo naselje” is a great thing for Sela, as much is the election of a new Minister of Health from the ranks of the Alliance. Probably the ministerial position in the health department is not that significant just for the health of the nation, but even more than that. The distributers of drugs have a huge influence in selecting their candidate.

Those from DUI, just like their former partners from VMRO-DPMNE, have to go to jail, ordered Mr. Sela, and underlined three times that the whole package should be delivered to Prime Minister Zaev’s hands.

At home, the patriots from Besa were utterly frantic and furious from the fight whether the law on the use of languages should change the name right from the header and rename it as the Law on the Use of Albanian Language. This way, the universal justification that the law was for the extended use of all languages in Macedonia, ended up as primitive nationalism and chauvinism, and in benefit only to their own language. So, if other ethnic communities that live in Macedonia want a broader use of their languages, they need to find a revolutionary like Ali Ahmeti to show them the way to a new Ohrid Agreement. Bravo Besa, they demanded: we either get all, or you get nothing.

The social-democrats and the “freedom fighters” from DUI still haven’t learned the lesson on how their government and Prime Minister need to work, and that is without lying and cheating, when everyone has demands higher than their mortgage loan, and while the interest is constantly growing. It really is very difficult to run a country in such conditions, when the public representatives in the government, laying in the state crib, demand like there’s no tomorrow, something their voters never expected. The egoistic leaders issue fictional receipts for services that they were never asked to do, neither have they done them. The votes from the Macedonians and the Albanians, and everyone else, if the authorities haven’t forgotten that there are other nationalities in Macedonia, were not given to them so they can share the country as something they won in a war, but to overthrow Nikola Gruevski’s regime. And to never let it happen again, as well as speed up the process for the realization of the strategic goals of the country.

All current algorithmic ultimate demands, both on the left and on the right, have only one goal, and that is populist knocking on open doors, since all of them in a much better form and with much higher standards are contained in the chapters that Macedonia should open and accomplish with the commencement of negotiations with the EU. If these chapters regulate the legal, democratic, economic relations in the state, then someone is puzzled, and even if he was a politician, he gives them the right to order judicial processes, order an ethnic re-allocation of money from the state treasury, rank the use of languages ​​as a war trophy of their party and of the great capability of the leader.

It’s about the vanities of immature politicians and the wrong doctrine to win the support of their own divided public. The success of Macedonia is not in that direction, but in support of exactly the direction in which it is now moving, unfortunately very strongly hampered not only from the relapses of the defeated opponents, but also from the appetites of the partners that are larger than what the lions left them.