DUIng Business

Gordana Popsimonova

Crime does not and must not have a national color. What I see so far in court chronicles, whether as charges from the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office based on the so-called “bombs”, or as an investigative activity of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the events on April 27, has an ethnic predicate. Perhaps the only exception, which validates the rule, is one subject of the SPP, presented at the last package of investigative measures by Fatime Fetai, codenamed “Leaders”. It is about a suspected investor in an object built without approval near a foreign embassy in Skopje, which, according to what I have heard from the recorded conversations, the former president of VMRO-DPMNE and the incumbent DUI discuss its demolition.

Let’s set the main dilemma immediately: Does the Democratic Union for Integration party, which has been part of the government for the past 15 years, needs to be amnestied from its crimes? From what was presented by Zaev’s recordings, as well as from what the SPP shaped as charges, it seems that – it should. No one believes that DUI, after the nine-year fraternal coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, remained innocent and clean, and did not fall under the criminogenic manner of governance known as “Gruevism.” Especially not the Macedonian Albanians, who, looking at the creature that presents them as their protector, and essentially being too corrupt, at the last parliamentary and local election, massively opted for the option “Life for All”, led by Zoran Zaev.

Let’s be clear, one or two years ago, when we all went out on the streets, Macedonians and Albanians and Turks and Roma and Serbs and Bosnians, and protested against the then-kleptocratic and authoritarian government, none of us had any doubts that it was composed of two dominant parties – VMRO- DPMNE and DUI. None of us, under the term “Gruevism” as a manners of undemocratic rule, did not amnesty Ahmeti and his gang. They were part of an entire body that mercilessly robbed its own state.

And, do not let anyone tell me that because of the current attitude of the forces in the Parliament, DUI should continue to be treated as a rare beast. And that the explosive sensibility of the public born in reaction to Gruevski and the Family, and now a targeted counter SDSM and its ruling echelons, should go around DUI once again. And that the DUI will continue to impose blackmails on official posts and employing party staff through the Secretariat for a Framework Agreement. And that DUI will continue to act as a counter for corrupt deals, mainly directed against Albanians.

Although I expect this column to be abused by “Kurir” and others similar to that one, because of my own image, honor and dignity, I have a human need to emphasize that selective justice is not a justice. In addition, I do not have any sympathy for the crimes of VMRO-DPMNE, and even less for the hooligans who on April 27 organized an attack on MPs in the Parliament. But I also do not understand the political calculations by which the second chapter of “Gruevism,” called “Ahmetism,” is amnestied with compassion.
It is very clear to me that Macedonia enters an extremely delicate period in which it should address key issues regarding its future. The Euro-integration process is closely linked to the settlement of the name dispute, and in turn, it is even more closely linked to a series of internal concessions, such as the Law on the Use of the Albanian Language, or the provision of support from the MPs of VMRO-DPMNE, who boycott the Assembly.
On the other hand, I see that Prime Minister Zaev, through his diplomatic engagements, seeks to fix the international image of Macedonia, which in itself, given the complicity of the internal situation, looks like walking on a wire.
. I’m not sure at all that the strategy of sweeping domestic problems “under the rug” has a chance to be effective. DUI is too large ballast to fit it under the rug of the new Macedonian image. For now it’s just a sketch, a plan or a draft for somebody’s dreams expressed through the protest motto – No justice, no peace!