Zbogar: EU wants to see government’s commitment to reforms

The reform process in Macedonia continues. We as EU want to see commitment not only from the government for continuation of the reforms but also from the parliament and the political parties, EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar said Monday at the meeting with Kumanovo mayor Maksim Dimitrievski.

In the EU we look forward to continuing the reform process. Certainly, the state institutions should deliver results and if the institutions continue to deliver results, certainly will have a positive effect on relations between EU and the country next year, Zbogar said.

He added that it is necessary the cooperation to exist among all political stakeholders aimed at implementation of the reforms which is of great importance.

In this context, we see cooperation between the government and the opposition, i.e. the parties in the parliament and we, as the European Union, encourage this process and we hope that this kind of cooperation between the political parties in the parliament itself will continue in the future and will yield results, Zbogar said.

He underlined that in accordance with government’s plan 3-6-9, several laws have been already adopted by the parliament and also clear plan exists how institutions to deal with wiretapped materials and the equipment which exists within Security and Counterintelligence Directorate (UBK) and there is a plan for announcements for job positions in the independent institutions.

Dimitrievski informed Zbogar about the implementation of ongoing infrastructure projects in Kumanovo, including the reconstruction of sewerage network.

We discussed about possible cooperation in the future and all the problems and everyday need of the citizens in the municipality of Kumanovo. We will also visit VET School ‘Nace Bugjoni’ where project will be implemented and we will get acquainted with the conditions that the students are facing and possible assistance and support that we will receive in future by the EU office in the country, Dimitrievski said.

Zbogar underlined that he visit Kumanovo as part of the campaign “We Believe in You, We Invest in You, EU for YOU!”.

Dimitrievski is the first mayor I meet after the local elections in the country. I had the opportunity to discuss with him about many projects and I also want to discuss about very large project related to waste treatment, a project that will be realised in Kumanovo in the next few years, Zbogar underlined.

Zbogar also referred to other EU-funded projects in the municipality of Kumanovo.