Zaev: Vetting of courts and prosecutions is ‘a necessary process’

Today, North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev reiterated that the judiciary, namely courts and prosecutions, would undergo vetting, calling it ‘a necessary process.’ According to him, the whole process needs to be organized well.

“Vetting is our obligation as a society. In the future, the society will undergo a transformation as we open the (EU) chapters. There needs to be a shake-up – if we want to serve the state, we should provide our data and that of our family in a transparent way in order to eliminate any suspicion of personal interest,” noted Zaev.

For this process, he said, positive signals are being sent by the opposition and hopefully it will be launched soon.

Speaking at a news conference, Zaev refrained from commenting on the prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska’s statement that she would ask for financial probe into the Appellate Court judges after deciding that Katica Janeca, the former special prosecutor, could be put in house arrest.

“I won’t comment on it. Reinhard Priebe in his report noted that politicians should refrain from commenting on steps taken by the judges and the prosecutors,” said Prime Minister Zaev.