Zaev to personally persuade Merkel for a date


Government Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced another meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but did not specify when and where the meeting would take place.

“I am glad that a message has been sent for the exact date for a meeting with Chancellor Merkel. This success was also with Chancellor Merkel and the EU member states, she was personally here to encourage and give political support to the referendum, but also economic. The reasons for calculating the decisions are from a regional aspect, we certainly are not the reason, it has been confirmed. We have been waiting for fifteen years, it should happen,” Zaev said at yesterday’s press conference in the government.

For the information that Merkel does not agree with giving a date for accession talks  to North Macedonia, Zaev said that this information is old for those who are up to date, and that talks on top level are still ongoing, but also with MPs. He pointed out that the decisions and information of the EU General Affairs Council (GAC), which has a meeting from 18 to 21 June, and then in late July, are important to us.