Zaev: There will be reconstruction of Government, the parliamentary majority will increase

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced today that there will be a reconstruction of the Government, and that talks on increasing the parliamentary majority have begun.
– We will probably talk with all opposition political parties, with the exception of VMRO-DPMNE, Zaev said after today’s Rule of Law Forum in SEE.

Reconstruction of the Government and possible changes in the departments, he pointed out, will be the agreements with the political parties and the MPs, who would accept the government program for entering the parliamentary majority.

According to him, starting the process of increasing the parliamentary majority will mean sending a serious message to the citizens, to the economy, to the society that the Government intends, through a stronger and stable majority, to make serious decisions in the Republic of Macedonia.

– We will absolutely discuss with all those who intend to support a concept of a society for all, those who adhere to the values ​​of this ruling majority, and that is absolutely with the Law on Languages, it is determined in which direction we will move, Zaev stressed.

He added that people who do not give a chance to a society for all as a concept cannot be part of the parliamentary majority.

– “We will absolutely talk to those who give a chance to this concept, because some of them have been part of the opposition so far, and they support the values ​​that mean a society for all, which is dedicated to the reforms and Euro-Atlantic integrations of the Republic of Macedonia”, Zaev said.