Zaev: The development in the opposition is their intra-party business

The developments in the opposition are their internal affairs, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told Stobi, answering a journalist question commenting on developments in the main opposition party after what happened Friday, that is, after the adoption of the initiative for constitutional changes.

I would not like to comment on the details, however, these are their internal affairs. Once again I confirm that the strong determination and faith of the MPs, which I would say, is dominant in the opposition parliamentary group, should be set free. People absolutely believe that this is the only way and direction by which Macedonia should move. After all, those same people cannot imagine what to do if the agreement fails and is not implemented. Let us be state-oriented, have state responsibility, and put the parties in second place. I will continue to be careful throughout this process, because I believe that we can all unite and push this work to an end in a dignified way, just as it resembles a country with a dominant commitment to NATO membership and EU, with a dominant determination to secure future for present and future generations, Zaev said.

Asked to comment on Mickoski’s speech last night, the prime minister said he did not listen to it..

When asked whether the establishment of the commission for reconciliation in one way is a direct or indirect interference of power in the decisions, answers, absolutely not.

-I repeatedly mentioned, even when I called for reconciliation and national unity in the Parliament, I emphasized and will again emphasize, we do not intend to interfere with judicial authorities. In general, the Assembly has its own purpose, and this opportunity under the veil of unity for NATO and the EU is indeed a great opportunity, added Zaev.