Zaev: Some of Trajkovski’s messages came true

The sudden death of President Boris Trajkovski 15 years ago took away a great statesman, beloved husband, father, brother and friend, a fellow citizen who performed his duties with extraordinary energy, endurance, wisdom and patience, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev addressing the first prayer breakfast “Value-Based Leadership” held Tuesday in cooperation with the Boris Trajkovski International Foundation on the 15th anniversary of President Trajkovski’s tragic death.

The world faced the fact that at that sad moment the life of the statesman Trajkovski was halted while he was in full swing, with inspirational political maturity and political continuity that left a deep and indelible trace in the history of our modern independent state, Zaev said.

Trajkovski belonged to the generation of young and contemporary European politicians, who were committed to further democratization of society, respect for human rights, strengthening of civil society, development of a market economy, the rule of law, and the fight against corruption and crime, he added.

“Boris Trajkovski performed the duties of president in an extremely difficult period for our country. The temptations he boldly faced did not shake his confidence at any moment. He was the president of all citizens and as a supreme commander committed to the universal, highest ethical and human principles, in which he steadfastly believed and in which he was deeply convinced that were the best choice,” Zaev said.

From that point of view, Zaev added, we cannot forget his persistence in his struggle to preserve the dignity of the institution President of the state even when he mostly criticized.

“We should not forget that his firm determination and his conviction that the office of the president is out of party interests. His top and only priority was the interests of the citizens and the prosperity of the country,” Zaev noted.

Reminding that the world statesmen and politicians often called Trajkovski “peacemaker in the Balkans,” “reasonable politician,” “man with democratic visions,” “man of peace and dialogue,” “respected leader and friend”, Zaev said they contain the benefits of the legacy that he left in his political career.

“He was optimist with a clear idea of reality and opportunities, and his sincere commitment that there was no hopeless situation for him. During the 2001 crisis, President Boris Trajkovski, as a responsible leader, carried most of the burden on his shoulders and had no hesitation in doing so, despite the fact that he was aware of the potential consequences for his future political career,” Zaev said.

He also mentioned the part of Trajkovski’s speech where he said that signing the Ohrid Framework Agreement in 2001 is essentially a signature for project Macedonia in the 21st century that has two pillars – decentralization that should bring democracy closer to the citizens and equitable representation of members of all ethnic groups in the state structures.

President Boris Trajkovski was fully committed to the realization of strategic interest of the Republic of North Macedonia – its integration into the European Union and NATO.

“Being fully aware of this fact, in his public statement on his signing the letter for country’s formal application to join EU, he said that only one government, one president or one minister could not complete the task we are facing. He also said that we must all contribute to our institutional integration in NATO and the European Union. In his memory and on behalf of his messages 15 years ago, we today can rightly say that some of those messages, part of his vision – are fulfilled. Our country this year is to complete the process of NATO membership, Zaev said,” government’s press service said.