Zaev not planning Government reshuffle for the time being

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is not planning to do a major Government reshuffle for the time being, ahead of Wednesday’s Parliament vote for the motions to dismiss ministers Aksel Ahmedovski and Adnan Kjahil.

“I am not planning, at least for the time being, a major reshuffle. The motions for the dismissal of the two ministers were taken by the leaderships of the coalition partners,” PM Zaev told reporters after today’s presentation of projects within the Second Investment Wave within the Economic Growth Plan.

He thanked the two outgoing ministers for their cooperation, contemplating their hiring in the public administration.

Minister for the Roma Strategy Implementation, Aksel Ahmedovski and Minister for Foreign Investments Adnan Kjahil are set to be replaced by Muzafer Bajram and Elvin Hasan respectively.

The PM once again said he would not run for president at next year’s elections, hoping that the required turnout would be achieved.

“I believe that the 40-percent turnout will be achieved through a competitive contest among several candidates, so that citizens can choose the best solution for the country’s head of state,” added Zaev. He voiced optimism over a two-thirds majority at the January 9 session for constitutional revision.

“Seventy-six MPs have already confirmed their support, but this does not mean that all others are against. I truly believe that we can get the support from 85-90 or even more lawmakers. This is the goal and that is why we have an inclusive process,” said PM Zaev,