Zaev-Mickoski TV duel: Solid implementation of laws requires transparency and free public access

I believe that citizens of Macedonia deserve the right of open court procedures, which is to be the most serious, symbolic part of the judicial reforms, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said late Wednesday in the first ever TV duel with opposition VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

‘It is not yet perfect, there are none or just minor personnel changes in this sphere. Same people are still engaged in the sphere of judiciary and in terms of reform they should most probably alter their mindset. It also refers to politicians, media, public administration and business community, namely everybody. I believe we shall conduct the reform in term of laws, but their implementation depends on people. A solid implementation of laws requires transparency and free public access. Ultimately all of us should be in the service of citizens,’ Zaev said.

For Mickoski the judicial independence is the main goal of the reforms. He considers that at the moment Macedonia’s judiciary is more ‘controlled and captured’ than ever before.

Zaev blamed the opposition for its lack of courage to distance itself from the 27 April 2017 incidents in the Parliament.

‘Even now you keep supporting such policies, failing to distance yourself from that violence against Macedonia’s politicians. Something like that should never happen again to anybody. That particular incident is a disgrace for Macedonia,’ Zaev said.