Zaev meets with delegation of the German Federal Foreign Office

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met Thursday with a delegation of the German Federal Foreign Office including Christian Hellbach, Special Envoy for South-Eastern Europe, Turkey and the EFTA Countries, Thomas Ossowski, Director for EU Policies at the German Federal Foreign Office and German Ambassador to Skopje Thomas Gerberich.

“With the Prespa Agreement, we showed that a real dialogue can solve international problems in the Balkans. Implementing the agreement with the Republic of Greece and the support we obtain is a strong encouragement for achieving our goal, NATO membership and launching EU accession negotiations,” PM Zaev said.

Expressing gratitude for the continuous German support for the integration of North Macedonia in EU and NATO, Zaev underlined the good bilateral relations between the two countries, with mutual interest in promoting economic cooperation, government’s press service informs.

The benefits of the Prespa Agreement and the commitment to building good relations with all neighbors were also discussed and that this is a strong message that the region of the Balkans can be promoter of peace, security and stability.
Germany’s strong support has been reiterated once again to the country and to the commitment to the government to constructive policies to resolve issues significant for the country and its citizens.

The opening of EU accession negotiations, based on achievements and merits will be additional motivation for continuation of the reforms which is important for the country and the Western Balkans mainly to security aspect, government press service informs.