Zaev: Macedonia to surely open Constitution prior to EU accession

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Monday that Macedonia will surely have to open its Constitution prior to its EU accession, like all other member-states.

“Macedonia will surely open the Constitution prior to its EU entry, just like all other member-states, transferring a portion of its sovereignty to the Union. If additional guarantees are required as assurance for the citizens of Greece, then this could be discussed as an option. We are seeking all possible creative options for a solution, knowing that such a solution is attainable if institutions in both Greece and Macedonia vote in favor of it,” PM Zaev told reporters after a court hearing.

He added that institutions should approve the solution, not Zaev, Dimitrov, Tsipras or Kotzias.

“I have probably mentioned the options for a solution, but taking into consideration the dignity and identity aspects,” said Zaev.