Zaev: Law on languages contributes to the ‘One Society for All’ concept

-“The Law on the Use of Languages fully complies with the Constitution and amendment 5 passed 17 years ago. No one is and no one cannot be above the Constitution. At the same time, this law fully guarantees adequate use of the Macedonian language and is considered a serious contribution to building the concept of ‘One Society for All Citizens’.”

This was stated Thursday by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a video address to the nation, in which he urges the citizens to abandon the policies of division, discord and conflict and the reform implementation to be completed.

“Our value, which is also a European value, won the support of the majority of citizens in the most recent parliamentary elections, and also in the local elections. This value, Macedonia – a country of all citizens, is a concept and a beacon for our future. We have committed ourselves to policies that have been building Macedonia as a civil country of all those living here: Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Vlachs, Romas, Bosniaks, and all the remaining communities,” notes Zaev.

No one loses anything with the advancement of the language use rights, he says, it only creates conditions to improve the communication between the citizens and the institutions. Also, flawless communication of the citizens is a civilized benefit.

“Now is the time to abandon the policies of division, discord and conflict, which are the opposite to our values and European values. Our duty and responsibility lies in the interests of all citizens, without exception. There is no reasonable justification of the blockade of political processes and political institutions, such as the Assembly. In fact, it is time that we, the politicians, bear the responsibility of what has been promised to the citizens and conclude the reform processes in the Republic of Macedonia. It is time for reforms and for economy, it is time for development of Macedonia in the interest of all citizens,” PM Zaev underscores regarding the Law on the Use of Languages that was adopted yesterday.