Zaev-Jourova: North Macedonia produced solid results in the fight against corruption

North Macedonia produced solid results in the fight against corruption. However, the judiciary needs to be transformed to be made more efficient in line with the European standards and values, concluded Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and EU Commissioner Věra Jourova at a meeting in Skopje.

A sustainable solution is needed, in a transparent and professional way, for the judiciary to produce capacity, the government’s press service said today.

“At the meeting, respect was paid for the achievements of PM Zoran Zaev and those of the government reform-wise. It was concluded that the Prespa Agreement is a rare and positive example of building friendships – opposite existing policies of radicalism and nationalism – that is also affirmed by the new members of the European Commission. The message is: the Republic of North Macedonia moves into the right direction and its active cooperation with the Commission will continue,” said the press release.

According to Zaev, reforms, especially in the judiciary, are key not only to benefit the EU integration process, but also to improve the economy, which is marking growth.

“We continue pursuing reforms, we continue making friendships. The pro-European structures in the society need an incentive,” said the prime minister.

Zaev and Jourová, who is the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, discussed the work of the new European Commission, which is expected to focus on a positive agenda, on topical issues, including climate change, digital transformation, and migration strategy.

“Active cooperation with Commissioner Jourová will continue as regards rule of law, protection of democracy and elections, especially given the fact that she will take up the portfolio of European values and transparency, which is of major importance for the citizens in North Macedonia,” reads the press release.