Zaev: I don’t expect Bulgaria or Greece to block our Euro-Atlantic integration ambitions

I don’t expect Bulgaria or Greece to block our Euro-Atlantic integration ambitions, in fact, we expect them to advocate for the opening of negotiations with the EU and full-fledged NATO membership, said North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

“We don’t have a plan B if someone resorts to blockade, our plan B is to go back to plan A, because we believe we’ve have all the arguments in the world after going through a painful process,” he said speaking at a Q&A session in Parliament.

Commenting on Bulgaria’s red lines on history unveiled this week, Zaev said that the history committees shouldn’t aspire to establish the ultimate history.

“History is a living, breathing thing, new and new historical facts will be established over time. There are also historical facts that aren’t disputed by anybody. We’ve been telling our commission – don’t be afraid if something has been recorded and accepted history-wise by the two sides, cite documents and discuss them.”

“Find a way to build friendship using them, don’t allow to be used as something that can divide us,” Zaev stressed.

Accordint to the prime minister, the identity has been cemented with the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece.

“Both the treaty with Bulgaria and the agreement with Greece are guaranteeing identity issues, securing serious perspectives for our country as we are on the eve of a historic decision – getting a date for start of negotiations with the EU, having been waiting for 15 years,” said Zaev.