PM Zoran Zaev extends holiday greetings in a video message

We are nearing the end of one of the most important and most sensitive years for our country. The year of integration. May we turn our wishes and goals into a reality – a peaceful and stable country, an ally of NATO and a member of the EU, a global and just Macedonia with an economy that functions for everyone, says Zoran Zaev.

Macedonia, he says, is being built to be a rich and modern country in which all the citizens will have enough for a decent life and well-being for themselves and for their families and to be a country of investments and modern infrastructure, a country of solidarity and unity where we will respect each other and help each other.

“By building friendship with our neighbor Greece, we have taken up the responsibility to close a dispute that had been dragging Macedonia down for 27 years. We chose the future rather than an uncertain isolation. Today, our country is one step close to becoming the 30th member of the strongest alliance in the world, NATO. We are preparing for the opening of negotiations with the EU, which is a process used to build a country according to European standards and to become equal with the citizens of the European Union. A statehood is strengthened only in a community with the others, it cannot be done in isolation,” states Zaev.As we bid farewell to 2018, he adds, may we prepare ourselves for moments filled with joy, satisfaction and prosperity. “We have made steps making sure that everything depended solely on us. And let’s be proud of that. Even though the challenges are great, let us decorate ourselves with courage, determination and turn our wishes and goals into reality… In this spirit, may we support and give the dream of our generations a chance. Happy New 2019.”

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