Zaev: Even if there’s no accord we will hold the referendum, September 30 is the likely date

Majority and opposition in Macedonia have reached a deal on the issue of referendum, after agreeing on the conditions imposed by the largest opposition party, VMRO-DPMNE. The law on the financing of political parties, the law concerning the creation of a government of technocrats before the elections take place and the appointment of the new members of the State Election Commission were some of the elements that should be voted in Parliament before the referendum is announced.

Parliament is now expected to convene and announce the referendum date. After that, the State Election Commission will start its preparations. PM Zoran Zaev announced that 30 September is the likely date for the referendum, while demanding from the opposition to say if it indents to boycott the referendum or not.

“Even if there’s no accord, we will hold the referendum. Everyone has an obligation to ensure that the process is successful”, said PM Zaev.

Political parties are also debating on the question that voters will be asked in the referendum. If the majority of voters vote in favour of the country’s new name, “Republic of North Macedonia”, Skopje will then be given the green light to become a NATO member and will launch negotiation talks for EU accession.