Zaev: Early elections by end of October 2020

Early parliamentary elections will take place by the end of October 2020, namely 45 days prior to the regular elections, said North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

PM Zaev said the Government’s intention was to demonstrate the benefits and the impact of EU and NATO for the economy, growth and jobs.

“The final decisions will be made in the course of this month, as well as December, January or February, depending on Spain’s ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol,” Zaev told reporters in Veles.

He noted that Bulgaria, Croatia or Romania were “on their honeymoon” when joining NATO and opening the EU accession negotiations, a once-in-a-time experience.

“This is a period that cannot be repeated in the future and that is why we believe that elections should take place in their regular slot,” said Zaev.