Xhaferi: Referendum campaign begins on September 10, MPs on summer break up to August 20

The Parliament will operate until September 10, when the campaign for the September 30 referendum is expected to begin. Although the MPs filed the referendum decision, political parties, the Government, even the Parliament could act as campaign carriers.

“Almost eighty percent of Macedonian citizens, regardless of ethnic and religious background, have supported the country’s integration process for almost three decades. Therefore, I expect a large turnout at the referendum. I am an optimist and believe that citizens have understood the message and the need for the referendum, expressing their commitment to EU and NATO accession,” Xhaferi told Tuesday’s press briefing.

According to him, those opting not to take part art the referendum will also probably organize a campaign.

He said the law ratifying the name agreement would be published in the Official Gazette after the referendum.

“I believe this is the best option, because the agreement’s success largely depends on the citizens’s decision at the referendum,” added Xhaferi.

He said the Parliament’s summer break will run through August 20. In the first half of the year, the Parliament held 57 sessions, dozen of which still not completed.