Xhaferi: Impeachment could be launched against Ivanov

Macedonia’s Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said that he had signed the decrees and forwarded the law on the use of languages and the law ratifying the Prespa Agreement to the Official Gazette. The laws entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

Attached to the decrees, Xhaferi to the Official Gazette also forwarded an explanation as to the reasons why they had been signed only by him and not by President Gjorge Ivanov as well.

By refusing to sign the two laws, he had failed to meet his obligations stemming from the Constitution, thus misusing his official duty, the Speaker told a news conference.

“I feel no responsibility for my actions as Speaker of the Assembly. I gave him enough time for the two decrees – one year for the decree on the law on languages and six months for the second one. I acted in line with my institutional authorization and I don’t think I’ve breached anything,” stated Xhaferi.

VMRO-DPMNE accused him of committing a crime and violating the Constitution and President Ivanov said he would seek criminal responsibility.

In his comments, Speaker Xhaferi said that Ivanov had compared ‘apples and oranges’ adding that everything had been done according to the provisions of the Rules of Procedures.

It is Ivanov who could be held to account, noted Xhaferi. “It is not Ivanov who will launch proceedings against the legislative power. It is, in fact, the legislative power that will seek that he is held responsible. I didn’t say I will demand impeachment, however, the legislative power has the authority to demand that the President is held responsible. The MPs have this authorization and they can launch impeachment proceedings against the President,” said Speaker Xhaferi.