Xhaferi: April 27 must never happen again

One year after the violent events in Parliament, Talat Xhaferi urged Friday that the events of ‘Bloody Thursday‘ should never happen again.

“After one year I am once again here (in press center) and I have the same feeling recalling the situation when in a split of a second I was supposed to think about life or death. It was a situation in which a mob of citizens stormed the Parliament, which you would think it should be protected within no matter how many people are out there… The feeling that security is undermined from within is devastating,” Speaker Xhaferi said speaking at a news conference.

As head of the Assembly, he said, I forgave and I will forgive today everyone that failed to rise to the occasion that day.

“I can forgive all those who failed to do what they were supposed to do only to make them remember that those events should never happen again, especially as long as I am Speaker of the Parliament,” Xhaferi stressed.

The Speaker thanked the law-enforcement officials who were protecting the MPs while violence was raging in the press center.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev also spoke at the news conference.

“The April 27 incident wasn’t an attack on us, it was an attack on democracy. It was much more than mere crime,” Zaev told the press conference held to mark the anniversary of the April 27 storming of Parliament.

Zaev said he still could not believe that some of those who stormed the Parliament were ready to liquidate some lawmakers.

The Prime Minister insisted that the case must have a legal resolution, and said that, nonetheless, the incident greatly accelerated reforms.

Xhaferi and Zaev at the press conference were flanked by incumbent deputies, mayors, ministers, law-enforcement officials, etc.

A trial for attempted murder of MP Zijadin Sela is ongoing. 10 men, who pleaded not guilty, are standing trial.