Xhacka: The Western vision culminated with the signing of the Prespa Agreement

North Macedonia and Albania are focused on improving mutual cooperation in the defense field. North Macedonia’s NATO accession makes the region safer and more stable, and we are seeing the future with more optimism, agreed Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska and Albanian counterpart Olta Xhacka, who is paying an official visit to Skopje.

DM Sekerinska said Albania has always been a good neighbor and friend, but also NATO ally and partner as of 2019.

“Over the past couple of years, now only words but deeds have shown that the two countries are true friends that give each other full support when it matters,” said Sekerinska.

According to her, the fact that North Macedonia’s immediate neighbors Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, and Slovenia were the first to ratify the NATO Accession Protocol shows that Alliance values are their values – cooperation, respect and support.

“We worked and deserved the NATO membership, but it is a fact that North Macedonia is not stopping there. We see NATO as a chance for a better life of all citizens, a better economy and a chance for better institutions,” said Sekerinska.

She noted that Macedonian Army troops would take part at a multinational exercise in Albania later in the year, but also take part in the Adriatic Charter-US initiative chaired by Albania and joint participation in Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

“Albania sees the stability and security of North Macedonia as the main prerequisite for the security in the region,” said Albanian Minister Xhacka.

She said the western vision culminated with the signing of the Prespa Agreement and expressed satisfaction from the demonstrated courage and leadership regarding the deal with Greece and the law on the use of languages.

“The environment required for implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement has been created, since this is one of the main prerequisite for the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration, which we fully support,” added Xhacka.

Minister Xhacka is also scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi.