Who is Mira Stojcevska – Hat-trick of the Stojcevski family

Scandals involving state employment of family members of officials from ruling parties did not stop yesterday. The MP from SDSM, Mira Stojcevska, is yet again the center of attention, who after having her son and brother hired in ELEM, has another reason for family celebration: her husband was promoted to commander of the Forest Police in Delcevo.
SDSM Secretary General Aleksandar Kiracovski had to justify himself in front of the media that he did not influence the hiring of his father-in-law, who got a job at the factory for equipment and parts in Novaci, which is owned by ELEM.
A series of scandals that managed to overshadow both the accession to NATO and seriously shattering the ratings of the ruling coalition were the topic of hours-long discussion at the session of the SDSM Executive Committee that was held on Tuesday night. According to information, it was concluded that such hiring caused anger among the citizens, but also among the supporters of the party, which is why SDSM President Zoran Zaev demanded that the nepotism and employment of their family members should be stopped immediately. Several representatives of the ruling government have been pointed out as examples that have influenced the hiring of several members of their family.
“We will conduct analysis, we will analyze the procedures and wherever we find privileges, patronages or any kind of influence, we will demand withdrawal of the contract. We probably have weaknesses in our functioning and therefore we will ask for responsibility if that employment was done in an inappropriate and illegal manner. It is not enough to just withdraw or terminate a contract if a certain legal rule has been violated, but to seek responsibility from the person who violated the law,” announced SDSM leader Zoran Zaev.
Justice Minister Renata Deskoska also demanded accountability.
“My stance for the employment in ELEM, MEPSO, etc. is that they should be examined individually. Each case, without exception. To examine which of the candidates was incomparably better than the others, who entered a rigged competition, which candidate possesses special expertise, and which is average, without any special professional advantage, and the anger towards these candidates is justified! The SCPC has an obligation to determine it! And those who violated the law by unlawfully influencing the hiring of their closest family members, as well as those who hired them, should take responsibility,” said Deskoska.
The public, however, is still wondering who Mira Stojcevska is and why does she have such strong influence to have her entire family hired in state-owned companies and what has she done for the leadership to endure all of her scandals?
Sources from Bihac Street say that the MP has no mistakes in her work and actions so far. On the contrary, she almost never takes part in debates in the parliament, although she is regularly attending parliamentary sessions. This is her second term as MP, her first term was from 2014 to 2016.
“She was born in Bitola, but as a lawmaker she was elected by the third constituency because she lives in Delcevo. She won the sixth place,” said the party.
The public knows her from three events. She earned the nickname Mira Diesel last year when she said from the parliament pulpit that raising the excise tax on diesel will not affect the poor citizens, as 60 percent of the poor households in Macedonia do not own a vehicle. She also angered the public when it was discovered that in the first nine months of the year, she was paid 11,736 euros for travel expenses. She is also remembered from the dramatic rescue of her life during the bloody events in the Parliament on April 27th.
She is considered an extremely obedient MP, who does whatever is asked of her. She was born in Bitola in 1966, and is a forestry engineer.
Yesterday Stojcevska was not available on her mobile phone, nor did she reply to the messages we sent.