Who is Ceausescu, and who is Milosevic

Erol Rizaov

The latest strong public bombing with fierce propaganda and new doses of hatred and the radicalization of relations between political parties and their leaders began two months before the first round of the presidential elections. Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, activated his  heavy artillery two days ago. At the same time, Zoran Zaev was declared a monster, a despot, Nicolae Ceausescu and Slobodan Milosevic. It was the worst reaction over the latest investigation of the prosecution of people from the party leadership of VMRO-DPMNE who are suspected and accused of organizing the bloodshed in the Parliament on April 27, 2017.

These are well-known former holders of the highest state posts with the exception, at this stage of the investigation, the president of the state. In doing so, Hristijan Mickoski does not try to be at least a little more innovative and a bit more original, but he simply thinks he is very pragmatic if for everything that Nikola Gruevski has been accused of in the past 12 years, of course, he was unfairly convicted and persecuted, accused Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of the same crimes, to start a big fight and the competition which is the bigger monster, the bigger tyrant and despot, who is the Macedonian Ceausescu, and who is Milosevic.

Prosecutors from the regular public prosecution say the amnesty law does not apply to the organizers of the bloody Thursday. They firmly claim that the law is clear and unequivocal and that they have strong evidence of an organized attack on the Parliament. Thus, Macedonia again after the two steps back taken with the amnesty, takes a step forward in a very delicate phase of the historical processes that will determine whether the battle for the rule of law and an independent judiciary will continue, or with the state will continue to be ruled by the holders of organized crime, corruption and criminal associations, as a hereditary first-line right of each authority. The trial of proven and substantiated judgments for violent interference with the transfer of power to the parties that secured the majority after a credible election and the constitution of parliament with the election of the president, the prime minister and the government is a striking case of a coup attempt. If in one parliamentary country for such an event, with a direct transmission of bloodshed and attempted murders and lynching of deputies and the leader of the opposition, which was witnessed by the entire world, there is no legal judicial resolution for the organizers of this crime, then the padlock on the door to the highest legislative house the Parliament, the whole social-political order, the entire justice system and all institutions is only a symbolic act, which should mark the end of the survival of the state and its death. There is no state if those who tried to destroy it, and tried to break the constitutional order do not face justice.

The judicial processes and the righteous resolution of all charges brought by the Special and regular Public Prosecutor’s Office are the most important activities taking place in Macedonia, followed by large, often incomprehensible, difficulties and strong disruptions that are not related to legal procedures, and they can endanger the future of the state and its citizens. In fact, it is an attack on the two fundamental preconditions for smooth functioning of the state – that is democracy and the rule of law. Democracy denotes observance of all preconditions for a fair trial, including acquittals for lack of evidence, however much it seems unjust, and the rule of law denotes that it is untouchable and that before the law all are equal, it should be a clear message that the violation the laws, which are in power, is a worthless thing and that justice will reach everyone, even if they were at the highest state positions.

Establishing trust in the judiciary and the justice system in all instances is something best that can happen to Macedonia. The current trials and investigations, not only for the events of April 27, 2017, but for all the heavy cases that are ongoing in the Macedonian courts, are the biggest chance of that.
Defendants and convicted felons saving themselves with political decisions, with pardons and concessions, by abolition and amnesty, by blackmail and pressure is the opposite extreme that leads to re-installing a regime and authorities that spread fear in which no one should oppose the injustice and abuse of power, and of authority. The acceptance of the separation of investigations and trials, the absence of a fair verdict, the illusion of false interpretations of the laws, so that culprits could be saved from responsibility, despite incalculable evidence, is an accomplice equal to the serious crimes committed, and in some cases even more severe an offense that denotes the destruction of the legal and state order.

It is inconceivable that legal cases of abuse of power, organized crime and corruption, forged elections, ordered court verdicts and massive violations of human rights and freedoms remain without legal resolution. Without encouraging the judiciary and all the bearers of the justice system, the justice to be brought to an end without any concessions, to enter into electoral propaganda by silencing the grave crimes of suspected politicians and powerful people, is the greatest sin and conscious disruption of the attempts the establishment of the rule of law.

Spending the citizens’ money from the state treasury on elections in which the participants in the race for the conquest of the presidency, or in any other function, do not support the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary to judge by law, but impede it by judging the political opponent is actually the biggest missed investment. It was wasted national money to support organized crime, legitimize corruption and legalize the stolen property of the state and the citizens. It is support for the re-capture of the state and control of the institutions of the system and the media, a serious threat to human rights and freedoms. The current start of the presidential election campaign unambiguously points to attempts for returning to the past and repeat the same mistakes. There are no verbal boundaries, nor washing one’s mouth from the misdeeds of politicians against whom court proceedings are being conducted, but on the contrary, there is a very loud silence of their “feats and successes”. The comparison of who is a Macedonian despot, Ceausescu and Milosevic is ridiculous. For this, we have our own authentic unit of measurement for measuring honesty and success, which is still in force, although it acts remotely. It is called Gruevism.

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