What should we do from now on

Erol Rizaov

We found out what should be done in advance, in the spirit of the misuse of the thought of one of the greatest Macedonian activists, Krste Petkov-Misirkov. All we have to do now is learn what to do from now on, in order to finally understand how, after 27 years spent in the struggle to prove the truth about the injustice done to us by our neighbor, the West, the great powers and the domestic incompetent, greedy and corrupt politicians, we were mistaken that the blockade imposed on Macedonia could be easily removed. There were hundreds of people who knew the ideal solution to the problem, but they did not speak. How did they even succeed in this, they could have saved the state, the national identity, the language, and the future of two million citizens, but still kept silent and calm. Now anxious and concerned, they can no longer stay silent, they got tired of it, because they began to feel the historical responsibility to tell us the secret of the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia, in order to become a member of the UN, the EU and NATO. For this “crime” that they knew the solution, but kept silent, there is one great mitigating circumstance, and that is a public acknowledgment that many of these educated people have recently discovered how to save Macedonia from losing its identity and language and everything that goes along with it.

The first question from the thought of Misirkov was answered to us and the world by 200 signatories, in an open letter to the political leaders of Macedonia. Our defenders of the identity demanded the termination of negotiations with Greece through the mediator of the United Nations Matthew Nimetz. Immediately after the suspicious representative of the UN Secretary General has been removed, the Government should submit a request to the General Assembly to end the use of the reference and adopt a resolution that would guarantee the Republic of Macedonia a free admission to international organizations with the constitutional name. Thus, the name, language and identity issues are closed.

Now, the question that has no answer is: what will happen after our request to terminate the negotiations, or as the more advanced UN-mediated talks say. Does that heroic act open, or close the doors of NATO, the EU and the UN? Who has the answer to the question of what if the UN becomes aware that in the Security Council, someone, for example France, has vetoed our request, or simply the Secretary General has postponed this issue for a longer period, or if it not even put on the agenda for various other reasons? With what kind of relief or regret, the termination of the negotiations will react to NATO, the EU and Athens, if we choose to be guilty of the failure of the “talks” with Greece.
In that case, will both sides be equally satisfied? Greece, because it did not give the name Macedonia, and we because the constitutional name remains the Republic of Macedonia. Our request for termination of negotiations skipped one very important data as they compiled their collective address. They did not take into account the fact that no one forces us to join NATO and the EU. We are the ones asking for memberships. So, as the first signatory of the letter – petition Biljana Vankovska proposes in his public appearances, we can tell NATO, the EU and the UN, “thank you very much for the attention, but we do not want to join NATO even with the constitutional name, but in the EU and in the UN, we do not want to be members with any other name except our constitutional name, or possibly with the Independent or Democratic Republic of Macedonia and nothing more. This is, without irony, a true satisfaction for at least five minutes, after what they do to us with the injustice that have been inflicted by Greece, Europe and the United States all these years and decades. But what will we do after those five minutes when we come to our senses? This should be answered by the signatories of the open letter.

Јust a couple more questions, from the many that have been torturing and dividing the citizens of Macedonia in the past few days, of which the public needs to know the answers to, provided from people who have a solution for EU, NATO and UN membership under our constitutional name.

Do you already know how the negotiations will end, as you say in your open letter, or are you manipulating?
Do you know the consequences if we unilaterally stop the negotiations?

Do you take into account the fact and the historical arguments pointed out by past years, the famous historian and socialist, Latinka Perovic, that today the nations of nations are disappearing. Perovic said that such a danger, which without warning and closed letters warned Serbian politicians, threatens Serbia, a country of eight million citizens if it does not integrate into the EU. Is there such a danger for Macedonia, a country of two millions, to break up even with the constitutional name if it remains the only one in the Balkans without EU and NATO membership?

And finally, do you know how the UN General Assembly will respond if the government asks to abolish the reference and adopt a resolution by accepting the constitutional name for all uses, or playing with the feelings of the citizens because you are among the ten percent of those who live comfortably in the poorest country of Europe.