Vucic: Zaev’s great friends, Djilas and Jeremic, boast for sentencing Cavkov to prison

At today’s press conference, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic mentioned the leaders of the protests Jeremic and Djilas as great friends of Zoran Zaev, and mentioned the prison sentence of Mitko Cavkov, as well as the double standards of the Western embassies.

“Zaev’s great friends, Zoran Zaev’s great friends, tycoon leaders Djilas and Jeremic, boasted for sentencing former police chief Mitko Cavkov to 18 years of prison because he did not prevent citizens from entering Parliament. According to this principle, we may need to think about the responsibility of Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, who let fascist Obradovic and tycoon leader Djilas enter the RTS building.”

 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday Serbia would not allow violence to endanger anyone and that everyone breaking the law would be tried, as thousands of citizens protested against him outside the presidency building, surrounded by numerous police officers.

Serbia allows protests as long as there is no violence, Vucic said commenting on the demonstrators who last night broke into the public broadcaster’s building.

He said that with today’s press conference he wanted to show “that there must be no fear of hooligans, thugs and fascists, Bosko Obradovic and tycoon leaders Dragan Djilas and Vuk Jeremic… They thought I wouldn’t come here. I have no fear… I will continue to fight for Serbia.”

Citizens gathered outside the presidency building at the invitation of the Alliance for Serbia. “We won’t let Aleksandar Vucic destroy this country,” Borko Stefanovic of the Serbian Left said, calling on the protesters to remain calm and not to clash with the police.