Voutsis: Majority of Greek MPs will vote for the Prespa Agreement

Vast majority of Greek MPs will support the Prespa (Skopje-Athens name) Agreement when the document enters the parliament voting procedure, Speaker Nikos Voutsis says for Radio ‘Real FM’.

I believe the Macedonian issue and the Prespa Agreement will be supported by more MPs than assumed at the moment as several events, starting with a conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are to be held for clarifying of all misunderstands related to be document, Voutsis says.

According to MIA’s correspondent in Athens, regarding the disagreements and announcements of the coalition partner in the government, Panos Kammenos, that due to the agreement he will overthrow the government, the president of the Greek Parliament says that everyone will have to take responsibility.

“When we have such a solution, that is, when the agreement passes through all the difficulties that exist in the neighboring country and when it comes to vote in the Parliament, then everyone will have to take their responsibility,” said the President of the Greek Parliament, explaining that “some role in the specific case, and a government can be overthrown only with a no-confidence motion” such as the New Democracy initiative.