VMRO-DPMNE accuses of ‘Zaev, Vice and Mijalkov’ coalition

Aleksandar Nikoloski, after the meeting of VMRO-DPMNE’s Executive Committee, accused of a new criminal coalition between Zoran Zaev, Vice Zaev and Saso Mijalkov, which by means of threats, blackmail and bribery secured the two-thirds majority in parliament. He confirmed that the former head of UBK Saso Mijalkov, ex Minister of Health Nikola Todorov, Petar Bogoevski, Vice President Mitko Janchev and Kostadin Bogdanov were excluded from the party.
Nikoloski called on the public prosecutor to examine their findings by announcing that the party will set the record straight with all those who have made the mistake of joining this coalition in order to secure a two-thirds majority, in which Nikola Gruevski was not included, but included judges and prosecutors that expressly made decisions.

This is not about difference of opinion, but about a different style of functioning, said Nikoloski, announcing that after this strong internal party debate, VMRO-DPMNE will intensify its contacts with the international community and will move on with clear conscience.

This is his statement:

“VMRO DPMNE held a historic session, we have a strong mechanism to clear the party and return to the ideals of the party and look the Macedonian people in the eye. From today, it will not be the same, the party is done with the past and goes forward reformed.

At the initiative of President Mickoski to hold a congress of confidence, the EC unanimously decided to reject this proposal and there is no need for a congress. Mickoski has all the support for running the party.

In order to act contrary to the interests of VMRO-DPMNE and MACEDONIA, the cooperation with Zaev and the organization of a group for threats of blackmail and the bribing of the MPs, the Central Committee dismissed Mitko Jancev by anonymous voting and the result was unanimous. Bogdanov has also been dismissed, and for the same reasons, the Municipal Committees decided to exclude Mijalkov and Todorov from membership. It was asked the 8 MPs, who received the trust from the citizens and the party, to immediately resign from their parliamentary posts. We demand from the Prosecution to investigate bribery and blackmail of the MPs.

We congratulate on the new coalition between Zaev and Mijalkov, that is, Zoran Zaev, Vice Zaev and Mijalkov.”