(VIDEO) Zaev-Tsipras meeting at the PM’s Government office: Prespa changed the reality between the two countries

The Prespa Agreement deserves all the support from the two countries, concluded North Macedonia’s PM Zoran Zaev and Greece’s ex-premier Alexis Tsipras, who is in Skopje for Tuesday’s Western Balkans Summit, organized by The Economist.

At a cordial meeting, the two officials discussed the benefits of the Prespa Agreement, the government said on Monday.

“The solution, reached under the deal signed in Prespa, has changed the reality between the two countries, creating a new, positive dynamic in the relations between the countries in the region,” Zaev and Tsipras concluded.

After 17 June 2018, the countries have started strengthening cooperation, based on the agreement for new friendship and strategic partnership, it was concluded.

At the meeting, said the press release, Zaev and Tsipras detected a number of benefits, including rising trade by 20% in under a year, ongoing procedures for new border crossings, close defense cooperation as part of NATO’s air policing mission, and strengthening of cooperation in several areas.

“Meeting at the PM’s office, they welcomed the country’s upcoming achievement of becoming a full-fledged NATO member, whose final stage – ratification of the Accession Protocol, began in Greece’s Parliament,” said the press release.

Zaev and Tsipras welcomed the strong support for start of negotiations between North Macedonia and the EU, saying it would come as a result of not only the Prespa Agreement and the positive effects of the name issue settlement, but also of the efforts made to implement reforms, reads the press release.