Venice Commission confirms the request from Macedonian Government over the language law

The Council of Europe has confirmed that the Macedonian Government requested an opinion from the Venice Commission over the Law on the Use of Languages without providing further comment. The Venice Commission Secretariat has confirmed they received the law but refrain from comments prior to its review by their experts and drafting of the opinion.

The Government emphasized that in a letter to the President of the Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio, it was stated that the opinions received from them represent significant support to the reforms of the legal system in Macedonia, which aims to establish the highest European standards, especially as the specific law executes the program determination for a society.

“The letter to the Venice Commission also states that by sending the Law and the Alternative to Article 8, the Government expects an opinion on them in terms of their compliance with European standards and the principle of the rule of law. The Law on the Use of Languages ​​derives from the Ohrid Framework Agreement, which has been implemented in the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, and one of its goals is to create a harmonious legal framework in which the legal provisions will not compromise the constitutionality of Macedonia nor the European standards, a good starting point for the process of its implementation”,  the Government pointed out.