Vajgl: Ivanov should not represent his political party

Ivo Vajgl, Member of European Parliament (MEP) and Macedonia Rapporteur in the EP, says the EU has sent a message to President Gjorge Ivanov on numerous occasions that Macedonia must look to the future.

MEP Vajgl was quizzed by MIA regarding President Ivanov’s stance that he would not sign the bill ratifying the Macedonia-Greece name deal.

“It is an obligation of politics, political parties and the president to take care about the perspectives of young generations of Macedonians. This perspective is most certain in EU and NATO. There must be no dilemma over the stance of the president, who should not be a representative of his political party but the whole of Macedonia and all Macedonians. This is the message for Ivanov. It would be beneficial for Macedonia, but for him too, because people will remember him by his actions,” says Vajgl.