Tsipras, Mitchell, Verhofstadt and Schulz in Skopje for “The Economist” Western Balkans Summit

Western Balkans Summit titled “Reinforcing the momentum for European integration” organized by the weekly magazine newspaper “The Economist” is set to be held in Skopje on October 1st.
The event will bring together about 450 participants, including foreign businessmen, politicians and managers who are playing an important role in terms of the regional ambition for Euro-Atlantic integrations, as well as journalists.
Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, former US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell, SYRIZA’s Tsipras, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, former European Parliament president Martin Schulz are also among the panelists at the conference.
North Macedonia is hosting “The Economist” event for the first time. The Western Balkans Summit will be taking place in light of the anticipated decision regarding a date for start of EU accession talks with North Macedonia and a start of a new era in the EU integration process of the Western Balkans.
“Transition in the EU institutions’ leadership, the controversial Brexit process, America’s trade wars and ongoing regional conflicts mark a period of challenges both for Europe and the world. On the other hand, concerns regarding dramatic rise of the populist forces were not confirmed by the recent European Parliament election’s results. At the same time, the southeast European countries are trying to implement social and economic reforms in order to catch up with Europe’s wealthier nations. The ratification of the Prespa Agreement between Greece and North Macedonia provides a model to solve long-lasting disputes in the region, and the integration in the EU and NATO remains a priority for several Western Balkans nations.
“Within this context, the Economist Events have the pleasure of announcing the organization of the Western Balkans Summit entitled “Reinforcing the momentum for European integration”, on October 1st 2019 in Skopje,” said the organizers.