Tsipras and Zaev unblock Euro-integration process

Macedonia and Greece will increase the level of the name negotiation process. The future process will be attended by the foreign ministers of both countries, under the auspices of the United Nations.

This was announced by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today, after the first direct meeting with his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras, which lasted for almost three hours.

Zaev announced that the meeting expressed both the good will and the readiness of Macedonia to show that there is indeed a willingness to resolve the dispute. In that direction, as the prime minister pointed out, the government will rename the airport and the highway. He added that from now on the highway will be called “Friendship”.

– “Macedonia will remain committed to the process in finding a solution to the name, which must be aimed at protecting the national identity and identity of our peoples. The government will change the name of the airport and the highway. The highway will be called “Friendship”.
This is evidence of the fact that we do not have a territorial aspiration towards our neighbor. On the other hand, they showed their good will to enable us to increase our cooperation with the European Union and other international institutions”, Zaev said.

He added that the majority of citizens of both countries want to have close and friendly relations, which will contribute to strengthening mutual cooperation.

– “We want to become equal partners in the EU, and loyal NATO partners. We want to stand side by side to help each other, to support each other in difficult and challenging moments. We have shown in the past that when both countries have serious challenges we can work together for mutual interest,” said Zaev.

Complex erga omnes name and dealing with irredentism in all forms, demanded Tsipras from Zaev at today’s meeting in Davos.

In his statement after the long talks with his Macedonian counterpart, the Greek Prime Minister reiterated that for the Euro-Atlantic perspective of Macedonia, it is necessary to completely close the name issue.

– “In order to move forward the European integration process and integration into NATO, as the neighboring country wishes, we need to find a solution in its entirety for open issues. I have made it very clear that we should agree on a mutually accepted complex name that will apply to all. In this framework, we exchanged ideas and agreed to intensify our supervision, consultations already under way within the
UN,” said Greek Prime Minister Tsipras.

– “We do not just want to solve the name dispute, we also want to put the relations of our two countries on solid foundations, the foundations of mutual respect and good neighborliness. Which means that we need to first deal with irredentism in all its forms, and of course, with guarantees that we will not leave any open window for re-creating similar provocations in the future,” said the Greek prime minister.