“Treasury” hearing postponed for May 17

The hearing in Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) case named “Treasury” has been postponed for May 17 due to the pending outcome of the procedure regarding the extradition of second defendant Goran Grujevski from Greece.

Grujevski’s lawyer Petar Vasilev elaborated that the Athens-based Supreme Court is set to decide on the extradition at a hearing on April 27.

Former Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) director Saso Mijalkov, his office chief Toni Jakimovski, former UBK section head Goran Grujevski and former assistant minister of interior Nebojsa Stajkovic are indicted in the “Treasury” case.

“Treasury” refers to abuse of budget funds regarding the procurement of electronic-communications equipment for the UBK and training over its use carried out by a UK company.