‘Transporter’ case: Principals knew nothing about the transport in Bitola

“The costs agreed by the Bitola mayor Vladimir Taleski with the carriers are ten times higher than the real prices. He has made corrupt tenders and now he wants us to cover it.” This was said by former Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski to former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska in a telephone conversation, which was published in the so-called “bombs”.

Taleski, before yesterday’s trial for the “Transporter” case, in which he is the main defendant, unofficially commented that he was charged only because of those phone calls. Stavreski was officially proposed by the SPO as a witness in the “Trajectory” case, but he was not charged in any of the cases, although he was involved in many of the “bombs”. The Special Prosecutor’s Office says he is still being proposed as a witness in the “Trajectory” case, but cannot say when his turn for questioning will come.

School principals, who used public transport for students, witnessed yesterday before the Criminal Court about alleged corrupt deals.
They all claimed that they did not know anything about the contracts, and that they were never asked about anything. They were called by the Municipality of Bitola to sign the contracts with the carriers, and they authorized the municipality to regulate the transport. They were not included in the selection of the firm, and the contract did not even include the costs.