To Demir Hisar through Bardovci

Erol Rizaov

VMRO DPMNE’s bullies, who relieved their frustrations in Bardovci in front of the house of the Remenski family by shouting fascist threats, have two major mitigating circumstances due to which they cannot be held accountable for the crimes committed. First, they had the wrong address, they were supposed to get off earlier, because they were all going to Bardovci, but to a much bigger building. Some of them could be immediately detained, while others could receive an interim reference for Demir Hisar, for severe cases, along with the Prilep bullies that were screaming in front of the MPs’ homes in Prilep, they could receive appropriate medical care on state account. The second mitigating circumstance that pardons them and makes them inaccessible to the law is that they are tragic victims of the hysteria sown by the former Prime Minister, and still the semi-president of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, the president of the state Gjorge Ivanov, the current president of the second half of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, and the educated and very wise defenders of the Macedonian language from the great danger of the ‘Albanization’ of the state.

This is the unfortunate product of high-octane public expertise deeply embedded in the round, hot heads of the bullies, as their Christian fraternity leaders have announced, will show their high achievements in the coming months. Of course, now they will all nicely wash their hands, if the it explodes they will immediately hide behind their institutions and academic titles, behind their lies, denying their previous public, or secret statements, and declaring that they only defended the Constitution and the laws, and that they have nothing to do with what is happening in the streets, in front of the houses of those who voted for the law. What does smart and educated people have with breaking someone’s head, or setting someone’s house on fire, or their car, their property, demolish their mosque, or their church… They never said such a thing, nor did they think of such a thing, they just said that we were left without a state, that the constitutional order was threatened, that it was over with us because they had implanted  two tongues in our mouths, that we became bilingual, that it is only a matter of time when all of us will have to speak Albanian, that when you go to the doctor, God forbid, and the doctor is Albanian, you will die before he understands what is wrong with you…. What should the concerned patriots do when they hear all this and a million other lies, except to take a rifle, and with God’s blessing from bishops, to leave straight for the unit lined before the duke. You need to defend your homeland. You have no choice.

There is one good thing done by the VMRO trio Ivan Ivanov, Gruevski and Mickoski along with their intellectual logistics. It is the radicalization of the state by awakening the vampires to drink some fresh blood. It is their merit and they should not leave it to an unknown perpetrator because we all know that there is no audience even for sports games in Macedonia if the party doesn’t organize it, not to mention rallies and protests. Spontaneous rallies, demonstrations, protests and counter-protests of a “group of citizens” is a fictional category in which only useful fools still believe, who are truly pitiful, abused people-victims that are convinced that they are doing something useful for the state, even when they destroy it.

I re-read the new semi-leader, VMRO-DPMNE’s semi-president Hristijan Mickoski, who says he is European and pro-Western oriented about condemning the lunatics in front of the house of MPs. It is important that a person does not hurt someone’s feelings that are justified by the tyranny of the non-government. That is why Mickoski will go from door to door to his people, it was the natural habitat of VMRO DPMNE. He wants to personally tell Macedonians that the government wasted 10 months of the life for all citizens. To tell them that in Macedonia they are not living better, tell them that we have become a country where poverty grows, the standard declines, and corruption is the highest in Europe. To tell them that Macedonia today is a kidnapped and ruined state. It was obviously difficult for him to say “captured state” because he would be accused of plagiarism from some other times.

Slow down, Mr. Mickoski. First, take your temperature, you are an engineer, if you do not know anything else, you certainly know the differences between ten months and 11 years. In 11 years there are 132 months, or if you want to see the differences more thoroughly, you can also do it this way – for example, the children who were twelve years old when your predecessor came to power, finished their elementary education, completed secondary schools, many of them, who failed to flee the country, have formed as individuals under the dictatorship of Gruevski and VMRO DPMNE, so now they do not know what to do with freedom. Which poverty are you talking about, the one that was created in 27 years, in 11 years, or for this one, in ten months. Which corruption and organized crime are you talking about – the one you’ve been practicing for 11 years, or for the past ten months. I beg you to leave that ten-month corruption and mistakes of the government to us, we know how to measure the sins of the new authorities better and more convincingly. You have a more important obligation, you need to get to work and fix the party by first clearing the garbage from the landfill that has not been cleaned for 11 years. Try it, if it is not too late to grow up as a leader of VMRO-DPMNE by releasing the party of that heavy burden, and then moving from door to door to tell people that everything is clean, and that they have nothing to be ashamed of anymore. Ask around your people about how you will know which door to knock on, when you go on that journey. Do you mark the doors of non-Macedonians with yellow color? It’s not a very good idea.

There are several gates that Mickoski should knock before going on a tour around Macedonia. Those are the court doors. He needs to listen a bit about corruption and crime, of which his predecessor and his first collaborators are accused. There he will find out how the people are poor, and when the state was captured, and the legal system destroyed. If you do not go there, it will mean that he knows well who has done the robbing of the state. The law says when you know who committed a serious crime, and you are not telling, it is also a crime equal to complicity.