Titanic postponed for July 3, Jankuloska did not show up at the hearing

Citing pregnancy complications, defendant Gordana Jankuloska did not show up at Thursday’s hearing for the Special Prosecutor Office’s Titanic case. The hearing has been postponed for July 3.

Jankuloska’s lawyer Sanja Aleksic said that the former Interior Minister was unable to attend the hearing because of her current condition and delivered a medical certificate.

Public prosecutor Lile Stefanova noted that the medical certificate did not mention any specific diagnosis and said Jankulovska’s absence was unjustified.

Judge Osman Sabani postponed the hearing for July 3.

Twenty-one individuals are indicted in SPO’s Titanic case, including former PM Nikola Gruevski, former Transport Minister Mile Janakieski, and former officials Martin Protugjer, Kiril Bozinovski, Biljana Briskoska Boskovski, Ilija Dimovski, Munir Pepic, Edmond Temelko, and others.

They are suspected of criminal association, violation of voting rights, election bribes, destruction of election materials and abuse of election campaign funds in 2012.