Thimonier: Yesterday’s events at the Macedonian parliament – not an image of European country

Yesterday’s events at the Parliament were disappointing, French Ambassador to Macedonia, Christian Thimonier said Thursday for the web portal ‘SAKAMDAKAZAM.MK’.

The Parliament adopted  Law on the Use of Languages on Wednesday  in a tense atmosphere by 64 votes.

Yesterday we witnessed events we believed would remain in the past, Thimonier said, notifying the lack of minimum consensus for a law adoption procedure and civilized debate on topic of citizens’ interest.

‘In a period when the EU members should present their opinion on a recommendation for (Macedonia’s) EU accession talks, especially its ‘conditioned’ status, the question will arise about the pace of implementing the (Reinhard) Priebe’s report and the (progress) in meeting the Copenhagen Criteria. Only functional democracies are eligible to join the European Union,’ Thimonier said.

Last November EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that the law on languages was not a priority, urging the government to focus on more urgent tasks.

The European Commission will present the new report on Macedonia’s EU-integration process on 17 April.