Thimonier: We are expecting reactions from both member states and Skopje on the newly submitted negotiation process methodology

France first expects non-paper reactions from member states, but will also pay close attention to the remarks from the Macedonian side as well, French Ambassador in Skopje, Christian Timonie, said today, answering a press question after meeting with Constitutional Court President Sali Murati.

Ambassador Timonie said that the French non-paper, dedicated to the new methodology in the negotiation process, has already been delivered to all EU member states, but the document has also been submitted to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

“These are essentially the French thoughts sent to all EU member states and following the instructions of my Government I have passed them on to the authorities of the Republic of North Macedonia and we expect the reactions of the member states first, but we will also be very careful and we hear the remarks from the Macedonian side”, Timonie said.

He announced that he would meet today with Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Bujar Osmani, who he said would hear about his thoughts on the French document, while also announced meetings with other officials in the country. Timonie said the most important thing is the respect and functioning in the rule of law and added that it is a job that everyone agrees on. France has sent the non-paper to the member states, and is calling for the European Commission to publish the new methodology by January 2020.