Thimonier: Swift election of president will bring the country closer to the EU

A swift election of a president to bring EU closer, urged French Ambassador Christian Thimonier during a visit to Kavadarci.

“We will need a credible interlocutor, which is very important in this transition period. You need to choose and we will do our job. But we need a functional state. Therefore, give us that signal and think well in the coming couple of weeks,” said Ambassador Thimonier.

Discussions with Kavadarci mayor Mitko Janchev focused on the opportunities offered by the French Development Agency and the French language instruction in schools.

Mayor Janchev said the French government has already allocated funds for investments beyond its borders, including the Balkans.

“Our country will be able to apply for these funds in the fields of tourism, environment, gas distribution, development of wineries, economy. More details will follow in September,” added Janchev.