Thimonier: EU integration ‘indispensable’, patience and optimism is needed

European construction for us is not under threat, it is a necessity, but there is still a lot of work to be done because we have came across some organizational limitations. We have to work hard, particularly in terms of the decisions we have to make. Patience and optimism is necessary, French Ambassador Christian Thimonier told a conference taking place Thursday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje.

“Joint hard work is ahead and we are asking for some patience from our friends in order to welcome you in a house that is stable and where you have deserved your place. It was the essence of the speech of President (Emmanuel) Macron on 26 September,” stated Thimonier.

According to him, a lot is expected from aspiring countries, they have so much work both in building a culture of compromise and with respect to reconciliation, which needs to be implemented amongst different political forces and within the different communities.

“We should abandon the alternative – either integration or war in the region of former Yugoslav republics. I think this conclusion serves no one, especially it plays no role in attracting investors. A middle ground should be found, which is optimism and patience, and we are here to help,” the French Ambassador to Macedonia noted.

According to him, the upcoming EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia is important, but today what is important is the Western Balkan countries themselves to work on reconciliation.