Thessaloniki court to rule on Grujevski, Boskovski extradition

The Thessaloniki court is to deliver Friday its decision on the Macedonian authorities’ request for the extradition of two suspects Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskovski, former employees of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), to Macedonia.

We are waiting for the court to announce the decision today. Only I and Aleksandar Dastevski were questioned at the last hearings as witnesses, defence lawyer Petar Vasilev told MIA.

He said if court rules on extradition request, defence has right to appeal the verdict to Supreme Court in Athens within 24-hour period.

At the last hearing in Thessaloniki court, a prosecutor recommended to the Council of Appeals Court Judges that Grujevski and Boskovski, to be returned to their homeland and stand trial, Greek news agency said.

During hearing in Thessaloniki, the two men reportedly argued that their lives could be in danger if they are returned to Macedonia. In the meantime, Grujevski and Boskovski remain in prison pending extradition.

The two men were arrested in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Oct. 18 under a warrant issued by Macedonia.

The two former secret police employees are indicted by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) in connection to its cases codenamed Fortress, Fortress 2 and Target for destroying equipment for the interception of communications.