There is room for improvement of language bill – French Ambassador Thimonier

French Ambassador Christian Thimonier believes he isn’t the only one who has failed to understand the law of languages ​​because ‘it is a very complicated text, at least in terms of its content, as well as consequences.

‘On the other hand, to be completely honest, there is a room for improvement of the text itself, which is  possible because it is a matter of debates, as the process has not been completed yet and I would not like to make a comment,’ Thimonier says in Sunday’s interview with Radio Free Europe.

In regard to Athens-Skopje ongoing activities for settling the name dispute, Thimonier notifies that the latest developments to that effect have been attracting great attention with everybody waiting  ‘for the white smoke to come out, like when a pope is elected’.

‘Significant progress has been made and now it should be exploited. I must say that the new government has done its best to improve the relations with Athens. We also noticed that the Greek authorities have expressed a spirit of openness, which is something new and creates a different climate, because it takes two to tango. The fact that an agreement has been reached to find a solution speaks for itself,’ the French Ambassador says, reaffirming the international community’s general consensus on the necessity of the name dispute settlement.

He also commended a decision of opposition VMRO-DPMNE MPs in spite of their boycott of the parliament’s work to retake their seats during the speech of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the supreme legislative body. Such gestures are important because they reflect the unity in the Macedonian society for turning of the country’s strategic goals into reality.