The reconciliation body still has not discussed “reconciliation”

Without a specific  framework for a possible selective amnesty for the suspected in the April 27 events, a few minutes before the first session of the Coordinative Body for Reconciliation, which was sitting behind closed doors, ended.

According to the preliminary information, no text is still being offered as a framework around which could be discussed the possible amnesty, as well as the proposal expected by the new independent parliamentary group, which stood behind the government’s proposal for accession to constitutional changes.
At today’s session, according to the information, it was agreed to form three working groups – on integration, reform and reconciliation. The reconciliation group is likely to agree on the details of a possible amnesty that would include those who were not organizers and direct participants in the violence on April 27. Other groups, however, would be engaged in reaching a consensus on reform laws that require a two-thirds majority, which are part of the EU criteria.

The Coordinative Body for Reconciliation will meet again on Friday, when Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is also expected to attend. Today’s session, according to the information, was mainly aimed at determining the methodology of the work of the body.